Toilet Jack

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The toilet jack lifts, tilts, holds, rolls, aligns and lowers. The world’s first toilet jack.

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The Toilet Jack makes lifting, moving and installing all types of toilets a snap. It eliminates heavy lifting which eliminates the risk of injury. Not only does it lift the toilet to allow repairs to the floor, cleaning the drain line or replacement of a wax ring, but the wheeled assembly allows you to easily move the toilet out of the way or even into another room. The Toilet Master Jack works on all commercial type toilets. The Toilet Master Jack reduces leaks or dripping because it tilts the toilet slightly forward, you don’t have to sponge out every drop of water! And because of the controlled lowering, lining up the flange bolts is now effortless with The Toilet Master Jack alignment tubes.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 175 lbs
  • Features: Lifts, tilts, holds, rolls, lowers and aligns flange bolts. Toilet bolt guides allow the toilet to be lowered and aligned with seal and bolt holes. Can be used on commercial wall mount units.

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