Acrylic Mirror Seam – Cover Plate – 2 Pk

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Cover plate – 2 pack

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Mirr.Edge™ is a system of Mirror Acrylic Strips and Corner Plates easily applied around the perimeter of your mirror.

1 ½” Wide Mirror Acrylic Strips are available in 36″–48″–60″ Lengths, 2 Strips each Package.
Each Package of Corner Plates Contain 4 Plates.
Each Package of Seam Plates Contain 2 Plates.
Seam Plates are designed to be used when mirror Exceeds 60″ in length. With Strips joined in center of mirror Seam Plates conceal the joint between Strips.
All Packages Contain Double Faced Adhesive Squares. All Strips Packages contain Installation Instructions.
Customer must purchase a small tube of Adhesive to be used NEXT TO Double Faced Sticky Squares. The Sticky squares hold the material in place on the mirror until the glue dries.
Manufacturer recommends using Liquid Nails. Items 58158 or 58159.

  • Connects two MirrEdge strips
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