1/2 in. Eastman Expansion PEX Water Hammer Arrestor

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Mini water hammer arrestor for use in domestic and commercial applications. For Expansion PEX (F1960).

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The Eastman® mini water hammer arrestor is designed to eliminate the pounding noise coming from pipes when high-speed flow comes to a sudden stop. A water hammer arrestor absorbs the pressure build-up caused by high-speed water and prevents any noise, keeping your pipes safe by preventing damage from shock.
The mini hammer arrestor can be installed in any direction on both hot and cold lines. Designed for domestic and commercial applications. Eastman® water hammer arrestors are built with high-quality standards to endure many hours of use. Made to last. This product is Lead-Free compliant. NSF listed. UPC approved. ASSE certified.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: To prevent noise and pipe damage cause by sudden shut-off of high-speed flow
  • Connection: 1/2 in. Expansion PEX
  • Working Temperature: 33-degrees F to 180-degrees F
  • Max Working Pressure: 250 psi
  • Burst Pressure: 2900 psi
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