Zoeller Flood Alert

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Designed to trigger an alarm when its sensors contact high water. Mfg.# 10-0763.

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The flood alert by Zoeller is designed to trigger an alarm when its sensors contact high water. It uses a loud intermittent horn that is easy-to-hear, equipped with an on/off silence switch. The floor alert is compact, portable, and easy to install for use in a variety of applications: overflowing sump pump failure, toilets, dishwashers, broken pipes, air conditioning pans, bathtubs, laundry sinks, hot tubs, and washing machines. Operates on 3-AAA batteries.

Technical Specifications

  • Use: For use in sump pumps, air conditioning pans, bathtubs and more. Designed to alert on contact with high water
  • Features: Loud intermittent horn equipped with an on/off switch. Compact, portable and easy to install
  • Operation: Operates on 3-AAA batteries
  • Installation: 5 ft. sensor lead wire
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